Whites Need Not Apply for Government Jobs in Asheville North Carolina

Asheville North Carolina hired their first equity and inclusion manager, Kimberlee Archie, to root out so-called institutional racism by giving minorities the jobs. What they are really doing is not hiring whites, especially white men, in what some call reverse racism or just racism.

In her new position, Archie will work inside city departments and outside municipal government with nonprofits, the public and others to “establish the use of an equity lens in all city programs and policies,” city officials said. Her first focus will be on city hiring and human resources, purchasing, public engagement, sustainability, public safety and community and economic development, officials said, according to Citizen-Times.

They left nothing out. It will result in institutionalized anti-white racism.

African-Americans make up the city’s largest minority group and they want them to make up the same number in government – union – jobs, regardless of ability or merit. It will give blacks more supremacy and they will be loyal leftists.

Kimberlee ArchieWhat the city officials are doing is making the Asheville government conform to the concept of disparate impact, a Marxist ideal. Under that precept, only the end-result matters, not the cause or the process. Therefore, if there aren’t enough blacks in the jobs, they will hire them regardless of ability, talent, experience, and intelligence. It’s affirmative action on speed.

This woman, trained in social welfare, will make $80,000 a year to eliminate better-qualified whites. Total funding for the equity program is $136,000 this fiscal year, which started July 1.

In other words, they will spend $136,000 a year to lock whites out of jobs. Her social welfare degree from The Washington University includes courses that are clearly hard-left.

It’s no coincidence that the leftists are picking red states for this latest movement.

This city was a leading voice in the gender fluid bathroom movement.

We can thank Barack Obama and George Soros for this Marxist upheaval of our society. They call all whites ‘racists’ and plan to replace them with non-whites, many who will be illegal immigrants. The inherent racism of non-whites is ignored.

One thought on “Whites Need Not Apply for Government Jobs in Asheville North Carolina

  • July 24, 2017 at 11:07 pm

    This is just the first shot across the bow of the either the loony liberal left or the commies taking over the states. Between the Muslims, the loony liberal left, all the left wing nut-cases I have lost all hope of the US making it for another fifty years without a internal civil war being fought for our freedom.


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