Washington Post Article Compares Ted Cruz’s Wife to Hillary Clinton

The Washington Post published a glowing profile Friday morning about Heidi Cruz – highlighting her professional accomplishments – beyond the fact that she is Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) wife.

The profile was mostly flattering, pointing to her career at Goldman Sachs in Houston before she stepped down when her husband decided to run for president.

Curiously, however, the article began pointing out the similarities between Heidi and Hillary Clinton:

But the more apt comparison for Heidi Cruz may be Hillary Clinton. Since Clinton’s years as a campaign partner and first lady, few political spouses have redirected their own ambitions to the degree that Heidi Cruz has this cycle. And few since Clinton, now trying to follow her husband into the White House, have demonstrated as Heidi Cruz has the kind of political talent and experience of her own to prompt speculation among those who hear her speak that she, too, could some day be a formidable candidate.

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