Tucker Carlson: Jeffrey Lord Just Got Fired For Doing What Stephen Colbert Did

Ian Schwartz of Real Clear Politics writes:

Tucker Carlson addressed Stephen Colbert mocking Steve Bannon by giving a Nazi salute (the Sieg Heil!) in his monologue on Thursday’s broadcast of The Late Show on CBS. Carlson said Jeffrey Lord, who was a guest on his FOX News show earlier this week, was fired from CNN for a similar offense.

“Can we agree that is out of bounds?” Tucker Carlson said about Colbert’s salute. “Jeffrey Lord just got canned from CNN for making reference to that regime but it’s okay here. How?”

“This is late-night comedy in 2017,” guest Joe Concha said. “It’s unhinged hate. And there is no line anymore to go over because there ain’t no line. It is it all anything goes. Look, last week, or at the beginning of this week, Stephen Colbert mocked President Trump’s reaction to Hurricane Harvey and here’s the bottom line. While trump was in Texas twice, Stephen Colbert was on vacation for two weeks and he had the time and the resources to go there and do something himself but instead, he mocks people from afar. And I think that’s all you need to know about the person Stephen Colbert. That’s the true punchline.”

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