Trump Will Tell Europe To Follow Far-Right Poland’s Lead In ‘Major Speech’

WASHINGTON — President Trump will ask other European nations to “take inspiration” from Poland, which has rejected refugee resettlement, in a speech later this week.

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster told reporters Thursday that President Trump will deliver a speech in Warsaw’s Krasinski Square, which symbolizes Polish heroism. He is flying to Poland next Wednesday and stopping there before he attends the G20 summit in Hamburg.

McMaster said that Trump will deliver a “major speech” in which he will “praise Polish courage” and its “emergence as a European power.” The nation is currently ruled by a nationalist Christian party that has rejected refugee resettlement and mass immigration.

The national security adviser said Poland is a “clear choice” for the major speech for a “bunch of reasons.” He pointed to its status as a frontline NATO nation and said that Trump will highlight what they are “doing now,” and the future of America’s relationship with Poland and with Europe.

McMaster said the main message of the speech is that “America understands that its interests align with the interests of the Polish people.”

One thought on “Trump Will Tell Europe To Follow Far-Right Poland’s Lead In ‘Major Speech’

  • July 1, 2017 at 4:49 am

    I hope we get to hear this speech because you have to hand it to Poland’s government for using good sense and not allowing their country to be overrun like all of the EU countries have done. The only way that a take over by the Muslim Brotherhood is to not allow them to settle in your country in the first place. The EU has handed their countries over to the Muslims without a shot being fired in the name of PC backed up by the crooked politicians. Its to late for the EU to change its to far gone down the tubes.


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