Trump to Republican Jewish Coalition: “You’re not going to support me because I don’t want your money”

Trump to Republican Jewish Coalition: “You’re not going to support me because I don’t want your money.” #RJCForum

The real estate tycoon, speaking to the Republican Jewish Coalition at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, repeatedly reminded listeners that he is leading all national polls on the primary race, and assured them that he can will win the presidency over Clinton next November.

But he said she may be indicted first – and he told the crowd that he doesn’t expect their support because he’s not asking for any campaign donations.

Trump went on to say his office wall is ‘loaded up’ with awards from Jewish groups that he has received over the years, but added, ‘the Christians are catching up.’ Calling President Barack Obama ‘the worst thing that’s ever happened to Israel.’

Trump, a billionaire, also reminded his audience that because he is self-funding his campaign, he isn’t asking for donations. In doing so, he called the Jewish lobby ‘stupid.’

‘I don’t want your money, therefore you’re probably not going to support me because stupidly, you want to give money. Trump doesn’t want money. Even though he’s better than all of these guys. Even though he’s going to do more for Israel than anybody else,’ Trump said.

And in case there was any lingering doubt, Trump told Thursday’s crowd that he will definitely win the presidency next November.

‘I’m going to win. I am. I’m going to win. I mean, unless something happens – you know, walk across the street and the wrong thing happens,’ he said. ‘But I believe I’m going to win. I really have just a great feeling about it. My life has been about winning. I’ve won.’

‘So again, you’re not going to support me even though you know I’m the best thing that could happen to Israel… Isn’t that crazy? But you want to control your own politician. That’s fine. Don’t worry about it, I understand.’

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