Trump to Hillary: If guns don’t keep you safe, disarm your bodyguards

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump challenged Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to travel without armed bodyguards to prove that guns don’t keep people safe.

“Hillary said that guns don’t keep you safe. If she really believes that she should demand that her heavily armed bodyguards quickly disarm!” Trump said Sunday in a Twitter post.

As a former First Lady and now as a presidential candidate, Clinton has had the protection of armed Secret Service guards. She also has a long record of favoring gun control, and in October said if elected president she’ll take executive action to curb gun sales, involving restrictions on people regarded as dangerous.

President Barack Obama is expected to issue executive orders this week to place more restrictions on gun sellers. Trump has said if elected president he would immediately veto or “unsign” any executive action on guns that violated the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

2 thoughts on “Trump to Hillary: If guns don’t keep you safe, disarm your bodyguards

  • January 12, 2016 at 2:22 pm

    The only people the DEMOCRATS want to disarm are the people who DON’T vote for THEM; this is crystal clear…….how many ‘criminals’ go through a background check when acquiring their stolen pistol?? What to raise HELL in America; open the borders; bring in all kinds of ‘would be’ terrorists from the Middle East as ‘refugees’ and DISARM the law abiding citizens……….that is what the DEMOCRATS want to do………..

  • January 27, 2016 at 7:32 pm

    Most American Blacks that are criminals are genetically stronger than the average white victim. Think of bloodthirtsy black thug Trayvon Martin who knocked down and pounded the head of eye-witness George Zimmerman on a concrete slab sidewalk. Think of violent thug Michael Brown who robbed a store with his brutish threats, and who later punched and thought he could steal a gun from white police officer Darren Wilson.
    Therefore, guns are necessary for the selfprotection and survival of the weaker whites. Gun crime occurs mostly in Democrat-controlled cities. Google: Democrats Kill People. Democrats always fail to disarm criminal blacks in most Democrat-controlled cities. Criminal Blacks support Democrats, and Democrats want (black) felons to vote, and Democrats want to impose “gun control” on law-abiding (white) people. Gun Control is the Black/Democrats tool for the extermination, genocide, and enslavement of white people. [Democrats already are gradually enslaving whites by enslaving their industries and corporations, forcing them to give up their accumulated wealth to the government for redistribution to government-dependent (black) people. Google: Affirmative Action Loans. Google: Affirmative Action Housing ] People who are ethnically white must ARM themselves, and then vote and act in a like manner that will eliminate the threat of the genocide that is planned for the white race. Ethnically white people must emulate the “necklacing” and other methods of black Kafir leader Nelson Mandela, to compel people of the same race to join and resist white genocide.


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