Trump Slams NFL Player for Kneeling for American Anthem, Standing for Mexican Anthem

President Trump took to Twitter Monday morning, as he so often does, to attack NFL running back Marshawn Lynch for his actions at a game between the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots in Mexico City over the weekend.

Prior to the game, the Raiders player sat in protest for the American national anthem but stood in respect for the Mexican national anthem. This incensed the president:

This is not the first time that either man has waded into the issue of national anthem protests.

Lynch claimed in August that “he never stands for the national anthem,” according to CBS Sports. And in early October, Lynch wore an anti-Trump shirt to a game, only to run for an abysmal 12 yards.

And Trump has made it a point to bash NFL players who kneel or sit as a sign of protest during the pregame national anthem. Starting with a speech in Alabama, he told NFL owners to “get that son of a b*tch off the field,” when discussing protesters.

The president’s feud with the NFL continued for weeks before eventually dissipating, but Monday’s tweet could reignite the issue.

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