Trump Sets GOP Record for Individual Donors

The Donald J. Trump Campaign for President announced Saturday in a statement that it has hauled in a a total of $360 million from a record-breaking 2.6 million individual donors.

“These numbers show that Donald Trump continues to have incredible broad based support from across America”

The millions of individual people who have contributed to Trump’s presidential bid throughout the election season total the largest donor pool of any other Republican candidate in history, the campaign claimed — despite the fact the total amount raised by Trump still trails the $480 million raised and spent by 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney. Most of those contributions came from small donors.

“These numbers show that Donald Trump continues to have incredible broad based support from across America,” Steven Mnuchin, Donald J. Trump for President finance chairman, said in the statement. “We want to thank our many volunteers and contributors that are clearly committed to electing Donald J. Trump as President in November.”

The campaign ended last month with approximately $75 million cash on hand for the final stretch. Trump himself has contributed $2 million monthly to his campaign.

Trump challenged his rival, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, to lend some of her own wealth to her campaign, saying that with no skin in the game, Clinton is totally reliant on donations from special interests.

“Why don’t you put $10 million or $20 million or $25 million or $30 million into your own campaign?” Trump asked Clinton during the second presidential debate on Oct. 9. “It’s $30 million less for special interests that will tell you exactly what to do.”

Clinton ignored the swipe and has continued to rely on her vast network of wealthy, large donors. On Thursday, Clinton held a fundraiser with singer Elton John, for which tickets started at $33,400 per person. Individuals who contributed $100,000 could be listed as co-chairs of the event. Clinton raised $154 million in September alone, almost 45 percent of Trump’s total contributions.

2 thoughts on “Trump Sets GOP Record for Individual Donors

  • October 16, 2016 at 10:08 pm

    I would advise everyone to see the movie ” Hillary’s America” it is on YouTube for free and for sale on Amazon. It is a eyeopener for anyone dumb enough to put Hillary in the White House. It explains a lot about what the democratic party has been for the past 200 years. From the crowds that are pouring into Mr. Trump’s gatherings and compare that to the poor turnout for Hillary just why is she supposed to be higher in the polls than than Mr.Trump? The only answer is that the polls are rigged in her favor just like the first debate was.

  • October 17, 2016 at 3:25 pm

    Cab someone there get Mr. Trump to stop saying the system is rigged? I believe we that and want him to use more of the Wick Leaks data and more about what he is gisoing to do for us. His strength and character would help us also!
    forget about the stupid women most of us know they are planted. when he talks to much about them it is like giving water to plants.
    I hope you read this,


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