Trump Making Big Gains With GOP Voters

GOP presidential contender Donald Trump’s edge with Republican voters is steadily ticking up, and now measures a formidable 66 percent, according to a new survey released Friday.

The Rasmussen Reports survey released Friday, shows the new number of Republicans who think it’s likely Trump will be the party’s nominee is up 7 points, from 59 percent a week ago, and up 10 points, from 56 percent, from two weeks ago.
The only chink in the armor, the pollster notes, is that only 26 percent consider a Trump nomination “very likely” compared with 29 percent in the previous survey.
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When Trump announced his bid in June, 27 percent of Republicans felt a Trump nomination was likely, and 9 percent thought it “very likely,” the pollster reports.

In other findings:

  • 33 percent say Trump is unlikely to be their nominee; a week ago, that number was 38 percent.
  • 51 percent of all voters think Trump’s likely to pick up the GOP nomination; 45 percent think is seems unlikely.
  • Most Democrats think Trump is unlikely to win the nomination, but among voters not affiliated with either major political party, 54 percent think the opposite.

The margin of error is plus or minus 3 percentage points.

According to a Real Clear Politics average of polls, Trump holds the lead in the large GOP field with 27.2 support; his nearest rival is retired pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson, with 13.2 percent.

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