Protesters Troll Democrats At Pitifully Small Low Energy (Pizza) Slogan Rally

Democrats launched their “rebranded” new slogan today at a pitifully small rally on Capitol Hill.

It was 91 degrees and humid – a lovely day for an outdoor rally.

After months of backroom meetings and polls Democrats announced their new slogan today:
“Better skills, better jobs, better wages”

Isn’t that a little late after the past 25 years?

It was immediately compared to the Papa John’s pizza slogan when it was announced. Today several protesters braved the heat to mock the latest Democrat debacle.

Did we mention it was a disaster?

One thought on “Protesters Troll Democrats At Pitifully Small Low Energy (Pizza) Slogan Rally

  • July 26, 2017 at 1:41 am

    I said this before that the demorats have nothing to offer the voters they haven’t worked to bring companies back to the US from China they have done nothing at all to help the voters keep their jobs they are some of the most useless eaters I have ever seen. Vote these rats out of office that way if there is a bill that needs to be passed in congress if there are fewer Demorats still in office that just makes it easier to pass bills that are needed. Whats needed is at least ten more republicans to be voted into office either as reps or as senators that way no one will ever have to fight to the death with the demprats just to pass a bill.


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