President-elect Trump Has Officially Won Michigan’s 16 Electoral Votes

President-elect Donald Trump has officially won Michigan’s 16 electoral votes, although a recount is possible. It’s the last state to officially certify its election results and comes nearly three weeks after Election Day.

The Michigan Board of State Canvassers certified Trump as the winner on Monday. The Republican beat Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by just two-tenths of a percentage point, 47.6 percent to 47.4 percent. That’s just 10,704 more votes than Clinton out of more than 4.5 million cast in the state and is the closest in Michigan history.

Trump’s victory in Michigan — the first by a Republican since 1988 — gives the president-elect 306 electoral votes to Clinton’s 232 electoral votes. The Electoral College vote will take place on Dec. 19. Clinton, however, maintains a more than 2 million vote advantage in the popular vote count.

Green Party nominee Jill Stein received 51,463 votes in Michigan and has signaled she plans to ask the Board of State Canvassers for a recount. She’s already successfully petitioned for one in Wisconsin, after raising more than $6.5 million to fund the recounts, and also filed for one in Pennsylvania on Monday.

Stein has until Wednesday to petition for a recount in Michigan. The Detroit News reports that she has hired former Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer as her attorney in that effort.

State Elections Director Chris Thomas told the Detroit News they were preparing to begin a recount on Friday.

“We have not heard directly from Jill Stein’s campaign,” Thomas said. “We are prepared to move forward at this time if we receive any type of recount petition by Wednesday afternoon of this week.”

Stein told NPR’s Lakshmi Singh that she wasn’t expecting her requests for recounts to change the outcome of the election results, but that she was pushing for them to ensure the integrity of the electoral process.

“In my view, this is not likely at all to change the outcome, and that’s what the computer and voting security experts say as well,” Stein said Saturday on All Things Considered. “They are not expecting the outcome to change here. But it’s the voters who benefit by standing up and saying we deserve a voting system that is secure in which we know our votes are being counted and our votes are being respected.”

Clinton’s campaign has said it will participate in the recount efforts Stein is spearheading. On Twitter this weekend, Trump repeatedly slammed the possible recount efforts in the Rust Belt states where he upset Clinton. On Sunday evening, he made unfounded claims that widespread voter fraud had cost him a victory in the popular vote as well.

3 thoughts on “President-elect Trump Has Officially Won Michigan’s 16 Electoral Votes

  • November 29, 2016 at 4:01 am

    Again, aren’t these the same folks that told you, President Elect Trump, that it was a terrible thing to doubt the voting process in America!, and to challenge it would be undermining our very democracy!….(this is still a Constitutional Republic, though the Dems and some others don’t seem to think so). And I do not believe you sir ever questioned the results!, I think that you won by a much larger margin, but fact remains, You Won Sir!

  • November 29, 2016 at 5:25 am

    Since Calif, Washington state and numerous other states have given illegal aliens drivers licenses to use a a ID just how would a state actually check to see if the person was in the country legally? When Harry Reid was running for reelection several years ago he knew he was losing so he hired bus loads of illegal aliens from a cleaning company to be driven to Nevada where Reid is from to vote for him. In a state like Nevada it is doubtful that any of them was asked to see a ID. Reid won his reelection.
    The old crook is retiring finally.
    If anyone is interested in finding out just what is going on about the Muslim groups in the U.S go to clarion

  • November 29, 2016 at 3:47 pm

    WHO is funding this Jill Stein I smell a RAT. Every country has agitators. Unfortunately this country has the most. In Russia Putin got rid of them. The fact that Illegal aliens are allowed to vote turns a first world nation into a third world population. The things that are allowing this to occur should all be locked up and the key thrown away. And for those who hate this country and think that we are racist and burn the American flag GET OUT.


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