Bill Clinton Had an Affair with Former Vice President Walter Mondale’s Daughter

President Bill Clinton had an affair with former Vice President Walter Mondale’s daughter — while multitasking with at least two mistresses in the White House — according to a tell-all by a Secret Service officer who guarded the Oval Office.

Gary J. Byrne’s account of walking in on Clinton and the gorgeous Eleanor Mondale, then a TV journalist, is the first eyewitness report of the long-rumored affair.

“There before us was E! Network host Eleanor Mondale .?.?. and President Clinton in a compromising position, that is, making out on the Map Room table,” Byrne writes of the alleged Christmastime tryst around the middle of Clinton’s presidency.

Mondale, who was romantically linked to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Eagles drummer Don Henley, died in 2011 of brain cancer at age 51. She had maintained she and Clinton were “just friends.”

Byrne’s book, “Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience With Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate” out June 28, depicts a cheating Bill Clinton and an unstable and tyrannical Hillary Clinton.

Leaked excerpts have already rocked the campaign, and Byrne’s account of Bill Clinton’s conquests under his image-obsessed wife’s nose, revealed exclusively to The Post, will surely ramp up the controversy.

“I stood guard, a pistol at my hip, outside the Oval Office, the last barrier before anyone saw Bill Clinton,” Byrne writes. “The last barrier before Monica Lewinsky saw Bill Clinton. Yes, I’m that Secret Service officer.”

Byrne, who testified during the Lewinsky scandal, retells how he tried in vain to stop the Lewinsky affair, getting the young intern transferred to the East Wing to work for Hillary Clinton.

Byrne, who was a uniformed officer, says the president personally directed officers to provide Lewinsky access to the White House for a booty call around the beginning of 1996. The president even provided Monica with a top-secret phone number to reach him directly in the Oval Office.

“We wondered how he got any work done and joked that he would have been better at running a brothel in a red-light district than the White House,” Byrne writes.

The Mondale relationship really set Lewinsky off, making her jealous and reckless, he writes.

On Dec. 6, 1997, the former intern arrived at the White House gate under the pretense of visiting with the president’s personal secretary. The Secret Service officers guarding the gate understood the special relationship the two had and that Lewinsky had arrived to see the president.

Only this time, Lewinsky was denied entry, according to Byrne, who was stationed elsewhere when she appeared but heard her arrival on his service radio.

“The president is still with another appointment,” Clinton secretary Betty Currie told the gate officer, who relayed the message to Lewinsky.

“Monica, however, still regarded herself quite favorably as the president’s singular mistress. So now she was pissed off. She pressed the officer about the delay and wanted to know why she was left standing in his security booth. He lashed back,” writes Byrne, who was later told of the exchange by a colleague.

“You have to wait. He’s with his other piece of ass. Wait till he’s finished,” the officer told her.

It was clear to all, including Lewinsky, that the president was “screwing with Eleanor in the Oval Office.”

Irate, Lewinsky responded with an unseemly gesture, toward her body, “What’s he want with her when he has this?”

But, Byrne writes, “Eleanor Mondale and Monica Lewinsky could not satiate the president’s horndog sexual desires.”

There were others, like the unnamed White House receptionist Byrne literally cleaned up after.

In late 1996 or early 1997, while Whitewater and the Paula Jones affair was being probed by Ken Starr, Byrne was approached by a senior chief petty officer named Nel who had long served in the White House pantry as a steward.

“Does that look like semen to you?” Nel asked, nervously showing Byrne a towel — emblazoned with the White House seal — that he found in the study.

“Yeah, that sure looks like it,” Byrne replied. “What the f-?-k and who would?

“Nel explained that he’d been finding — and cleaning — semen- and lipstick-stained towels for weeks. I was shocked. If the stains didn’t rinse out, he’d carefully remove them by hand. He was terrified that if he passed them on to other Navy laundry personnel downstairs he’d not only reveal Bill Clinton’s affairs, he’d embarrass the presidency itself.”

Byrne deduced the lipstick was not Monica’s.

“I did not connect the lipstick to Monica at that time,” he would tell investigators years later.

“Did you connect the lipstick to anyone?”

“Without revealing any privileged information on the advice of my counsel .?.?. Yes, I did.”

“You connected it with someone but didn’t connect it with Monica?”

“Yes,” Byrne said, admitting he believed it belonged to a “West Wing receptionist.”

Believing the presidency was at stake, he stuffed the towels in a trash bag and disposed of it off the White House grounds.

While the White House felt like a “brothel” — and Byrne believed Hillary Clinton knew of the affairs — the Secret Service had the “nerve-racking” responsibility of maintaining marital peace.

“What if [the first lady] ran into the president with Monica or with another mistress? Would I have to protect the president from his irate wife — or even from a mistress?” Byrne writes.

And dealing with the first lady’s anger was no small matter, according to Byrne, who describes her as a self-centered, tantrum-throwing, physical abuser.

She also knew how to handle a gun. Byrne found Hillary Clinton took a “surprising liking to firearms, especially a Thompson submachine gun, an original and an American classic, Al Capone’s legendary ‘Chicago typewriter.’”

Sometime after Bill’s 1998 impeachment, and long after Byrne left the White House, the Clintons came by a Secret Service training center and Byrne saw “Mrs. Clinton let loose a spray of man-stopping .45 -caliber rounds into the paper, dirt, and berms of our outdoor one-way range.” Smiling, she fired her next shots “right into the target’s crotch.”

Byrne says the Secret Service discussed the potential for “domestic violence” between the Clintons and worried frequently about how to protect the president from his volcanic — and occasionally violent — wife.

Her only concern was herself, Byrne says. “Mrs. Clinton was a joke, taking herself and the entire administration minutiae so seriously. Her ‘brand’ was her only concern. She was a faux leader, all bark, no bite, but in a very real power position as first lady.”

One exchange with her protective detail went this way:

“Good morning, First Lady,” an officer said.

“Go f-?-k yourself,” she replied.

For Byrne, his dream job became his nightmare. He became ensnared in the impeachment hearings. So why tell the story now?

Because Bill Clinton lied, Byrne says, and “these people were, frankly, so goddamn unprofessional.”

2 thoughts on “Bill Clinton Had an Affair with Former Vice President Walter Mondale’s Daughter

  • June 20, 2016 at 2:36 am

    Nothing I find out about the Clinton’s surprises me one of the reasons is I always made it a point to try to keep track of what was happening with these two crooks. I always wondered what the Secret Service that had to guard these two really had seen wow now we know nothing like getting it straight from the witnesses mouth. If this don’t bring this bit@ch down I don’t know what will. There is no telling how many times one of the Secret Service people walked in on Bill humping his latest squeeze on top of his desk. It looks like Mr. Byrne just blew the bottom out of Hillary the crook trying to grab the White House. I wonder how the other crook Obama is going to explain this???????

  • June 21, 2016 at 2:27 am

    It now isn’t hard to believe that the First Lady had such a foul mouth. Then the things she did to these women wasn’t hard to believe!


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