Poll: Donald Trump Closes Virginia Gap to Two Points

A new poll of Virginia voters released by the Hampton University Center For Public Policy found Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump separated by only two points.

The poll of registered voters found Hillary Clinton with a slight lead — 43 percent to Donald Trump’s 41 percent. Sixteen percent of the likely voters said they were not sure or refused to answer.

That 2-point gap is a huge drop from the 11-point advantage that Clinton has in the Real Clear Politics average of Virginia polls.

The poll also found that both candidates had high unfavorable ratings. Fifty-five percent were unhappy with Trump, while almost an equal number, 54 percent, found disfavor with Hillary.

Both vice presidential candidates had better ratings among Virginia voters. Democratic candidate Tim Kaine’s unfavorables were at 40 percent and the GOP candidate, Mike Pence, had unfavorables at only 32 percent.

The poll found also that jobs and the economy were a high priority for Virginia voters. Economic concern jumped from 47.8 percent in February to 52 percent by August.

Other issues figured in at far lower numbers. Only 18 percent felt terrorism was a priority for the next president and 16 percent felt healthcare was important. Meanwhile, the size of government only worried 5 percent of voters while immigration stood at a mere 4 percent.

The poll of 801 Virginia likely voters was conducted August 24 and 28. The pollster has a good rating.

2 thoughts on “Poll: Donald Trump Closes Virginia Gap to Two Points

  • September 2, 2016 at 9:27 pm

    For two weeks Trump has been on message. Ending this week with a great immigration speech not suprising that he is polling well in Virginia, Iowa, Florida and Nevada. If he keeps on message the polls are going to get even better for him.

  • September 3, 2016 at 5:22 am

    Once mandatory E-Verify goes into effect all businesses will be forced to check their employees to make sure they can work legally in the U.S. E-Verify should have been mandatory when it was first introduced in congress but from what I understand most of the politicians refused to add on a mandatory section to it. Once that goes into effect and many thousands of illegal aliens will lose their jobs and many thousands of U.S. unemployed workers can take them. The illegal aliens will go home to Mexico taking away some of the billion’s of dollars that is sent back to Mexico each year while the U.S. taxpayers foot the bills for the Mexico’s illegal citizens in this country. Once most of them are gone it will take the load off of public services in all cities and towns. With no jobs they will depart for home just like they did during the recession. It will also take the exspense off of public schools having to hire thousands of teachers that can speak Spanish.


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