Nigel Farage Speaks at CPAC 2017

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage addressed a raucous crowd at the American CPAC conference telling them that the great global revolution against globalism had only just begun.

After being introduced by Breitbart London editor in chief Raheem Kassam, Mr Farage spoke about the historic events that shaped the last year saying, “When, in years to come, the generations that follow us, study the history of this period there is one year that will stand out. There is one year that every school child will know and that year is the year of 2016.”

“Because in 2016 we witnessed the beginning of a global political revolution and it is one that is not going to stop and it is one that is going to roll out across the rest of the free world,” he told the crowd.

Farage talked about his 25-year fight against British membership in the European Union and the abuse he had suffered because of it and joked, “if you’ve endured abuse, if you’ve been called “deplorable” you’ve only had a few months of being abused, I’ve had 20 years of it!”

Speaking highly of America, Farage told the story of both Brexit and spoke specifically of former President Barack Obama’s visit in support of the remain campaign saying, “I will, to my dying day, be grateful that President Obama came to my country, intervened in the referendum and told the United Kingdom’s people, told America’s greatest friend and ally in the world and told us that if we voted to get our independence we would go to the back of the line.”

“And the British people were so disgusted by Obama treating us like this that it put us up two percent in the polls! So I shall always be, I shall always be grateful to Obama.”

Farage then told of his experience with the Trump campaign saying how proud he was to have been able to be a part of it. He praised the first month of the Trump administration saying, “what I’m seeing, 36 days into the Trump presidency, I’m seeing something quite remarkable. I’m seeing an elected leader who is trying to put in place the platform on which he was elected! How about that?”

What Trump is doing, by trying to put in place that ticket on which he was elected, he is restoring faith in the democratic process and good for him!” he added.

Farage then came down hard on the media saying, “My favourite part of November the 8th was watching the faces of the CNN presenters!” and adding, “They are in deep denial! They would like to wind the clock back to 2015 to pretend that none of this ever happened. But just as Brexit becomes more popular by the day President Trump will become more popular in America by the day!”

After slamming the media, Farage turned his attention to remain campaign supporter and former Prime Minister Tony Blair, whose name was immediately booed by the crowd. “Oh wow so he’s popular here too is he?” Farage joked and said Blair thought 2016 was just a “blip” and that Trump and Brexit voters were, “poorly educated, stupid, virtually unwashed people.”

“He’s wrong,” Farage went on “because what happened in 2016 is not the end of this great global revolution. What happened in 2016 is the beginning of a great global revolution!”

Speaking of the coming elections in France, the Netherlands and Germany this year Farage said that it did not matter if all the anti-globalists won every election, but they were shifting the “centre of gravity of the entire debate.”

He then ended the speech to a standing ovation and loud cheers from the crowd saying, “we’ve got to be clear: we’re not against anybody based on religion or ethnicity. We’re not against anybody but we’re for ourselves, we’re for our country, we’re for our communities, we’re for making our people safe and with less risk from global terror! That is what we’re for! And we’re for our country! And we’re for our people! And we are winning!”

One thought on “Nigel Farage Speaks at CPAC 2017

  • February 27, 2017 at 12:11 am

    I saw the speech that Farage gave at the CPAC I liked what he had to say because he and his followers in the UK are saying the same thing that the voters are saying in the U.S.
    When President Trump gives his speech to congress this week it looks like the Dems are going to bring in some illegal migrants to try to a make their point about not deporting them. All we need is mandatory E-Verify to stop businesses from hiring the migrants and the politicians to make one or two changes to to put a stop the illegal migrants from having their babies being automatic U.S. citizens just because they were born on U.S. soil. No other country does this except Canada and the U.S. Its time that was stopped it is too damned expensive for any states tax dollars to go to supporting these people with all of their numerous kids its costing the states billions of dollars a year. Its actually costing California a large chunk of their tax dollars a year to support all of the illegal migrants. This is one of the reasons their dams are falling apart because they claim they don’t have the money to fix it, all I can say send all of Mexico’s migrants back across the border and you will have the money.


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