Media Hypocrisy About Grieving Parents on Full Display

The media found a new hero in the grieving parents of fallen soldier Humayun S.M. Khan, they delivered a scathing speech against Donald Trump at the DNC and are publicly mourning their son by campaigning for Hillary Clinton.

Despite that several statements in Khan’s speech were hyperbole and just well done political theater, the media has praised them as redefining American politics.

Yet when Pat Smith, the mother of a victim of the terrorist attack in Benghazi spoke she was fact checked and attacked by members of the mainstream media. Chris Matthews bashed Smith, calling her comments “a gross accusation” and said of the grieving widow “I don’t care what that woman felt.”

Democrats and their media allies we’re very upset about the negative “tone” of last week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland. They were shocked at how many times RNC speakers attacked their political opponent, Hillary Clinton.

And yet, they seemed a lot less concerned about the aggressive anti-Trump rhetoric at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia, where Trump was called a “fraud,” a “liar,” and various other words often used by bullies to degrade their rivals. Famous rapper Snoop Dogg even dropped an F-bomb at a party hosted by a pro-Clinton Super PAC, but the media outrage over the “violence rhetoric” failed to materialize, for whatever reason.

No one in the mainstream media made similar comments about the Khan’s strange accusation that Trump wouldn’t have allowed them to immigrate to America, hasn’t read the constitution, and that the Equal Protection clause somehow protects foreign citizens.

The most glaring display of the media’s hypocrisy is Steve Benen who writes for Rachel Maddow’s website. He said the RNC was manipulating the grief of a mother who lost her son but praised the DNC for doing the same exact thing.

Media Hypocrisy

The Khans are just the latest in a long line of grieving victims that the Democrat use to attack Republicans and the media spends the entire election cycle obsessing about, just ask Cindy Sheehan, Kristen Breitweiser, and Joe Soptic.

One thought on “Media Hypocrisy About Grieving Parents on Full Display

  • August 2, 2016 at 2:48 am

    Likewise GQ liberal scribbler Bethlehem Shoal gleefully told his Twitter followers, “I don’t care how many children Pat Smith lost I would like to beat her to death.”

    This whole charade was clearly a DNC and media set up. Unfortunately Trump took the bait and he lost the narrative for 5 days. Live and learn.


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