Latino Hate Group Attacks Trump

Amnesty activists opposed to Donald Trump and his immigration policies have gone beyond piñatas and have launched a new video featuring children yelling obscene profanities at the Republican frontrunner.

The new video, hosted at, is linked to a campaign to keep Trump off NBC’s Saturday Night Live and features a young boy and girl shouting words like “motherfuckers,” “fuck,” and “dick,” as well as Spanish profanity. At one point, a boy raises a middle finger to the camera while he holds a sign reading, “Deport this.”

“Anybody that would do an ad like that is stupid, to be honest,” candidate Donald Trump tells Maria Bartiromo

Donald Trump isn’t thrilled with an attack ad featuring little kids cursing him out? Shocking, yes — but it’s true.

The GOP presidential candidate Trump appeared on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings With Maria” on Friday to weigh in on a number of topics, including a recently-released ad that depicts Latino kids repeatedly hurling the F-word at Trump.

“I think it’s terrible, it’s just terrible,” Trump told host Maria Bartiromo. “To have young kids using that kind of language is a disgrace.”

Trump went on to claim that the ad, directed by Luke Montgomery, has actually increased support for him.

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“Anybody that would do an ad like that is stupid, to be honest. I mean, they’re stupid people that would do an ad like that,” Trump said. “And it has backfired.”

The candidate also asserted that he will land the Hispanic vote because of his jobs plan.

“I’m doing great with the Hispanics, I’m going to win the Hispanics because they know I’m going to bring back jobs from lots of places,” Trump said.

In an interview Thursday with TheWrap, Montgomery, who made the video for pro-immigration group Deport Racism, said that the kids in the ad are “using a bad word for a good cause.”

“Calling Mexican immigrants ‘rapists,’ ‘murderers,’ and ‘drug dealers?’ Calling kids, American citizens, ‘Anchor Babies?’ That’s diminishing their rights as Americans,” Montgomery said. “You can only get away with that if you think they’re second class because they’re brown. I think they’re using a bad word for a good cause.”

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