Jill Stein is Back and Asking Loretta Lynch to Investigate US Election System

Former Green Party candidate for president Jill Stein isn’t going to stop at trying to gather more votes away from President-elect Donald Trump. Having not achieved that goal, she’s now turning to Attorney General Loretta Lynch in order to have her investigate the US election system after Stein had acquired “grave concerns” after the thrice failed recounts.

From the Washington Examiner:

In a letter addressed to Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Stein’s attorney wrote Friday of the “susceptibility to malicious interference and poor performance” found in voting machines in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania — three states won by Republican Donald Trump.

“The attempted recount process has uncovered that voting machines relied on in these states and across the country are prone to human and machine error, especially in under-resourced black and brown communities, and vulnerable to tampering and hacking,” the letter reads. “The recount also found that the states’ efforts to protect their systems may be insufficient, particularly in low-income communities and communities of color. Each of these grave concerns warrants federal intervention.”

The letter suggests that we turn to paper ballot systems in order to combat the growing threat of outside players hacking voting machines, such as the rumors that Russia had a hand in hacking the elections in order to hand Trump the win. These rumors are what prompted Stein to call for recounts in the first place.

One thought on “Jill Stein is Back and Asking Loretta Lynch to Investigate US Election System

  • December 28, 2016 at 1:43 am

    This woman simply will not quit, she wants to blame someone for her hardly getting any votes. She wants to take it out on somebody. Wanting to hire out-going State Attorney Loretta Lynch is a waste of all that donated money. Suck it up Stein, you lost! The week Trump gets into office Lynch won’t have a job anyway. Obama saying today that if he could have run for a third term he would have beat Trump, that is the very reason that the President of the U.S. can only stay in office 2 terms is to keep dictators out of the White House. Smart people that put those words in our constitution. That is whats wrong with the governments of many, many countries.


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