Jews And Muslims United to Defeat Marine Le Pen Despite Terrorism

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“…Emmanuel Macron is expected to win France’s election against far-right candidate Marine Le Pen, with recent polls suggesting he could receive some 60 percent of the vote.

Both Jewish and Muslim leaders are banding together to block Le Pen, but some are worried that Le Pen could ride Catholic support to a surprise.

Imam Hassen Chalghoumi, who knows most active Jewish community members after years of campaigning for closer ties between Muslims and Jews, told Haaretz he’s launched a joint initiative with Jewish leaders to “stop the hatred.”

“We’re trying to persuade people to vote for Macron or not vote at all. Each one of us addresses his congregation,” Chalghoumi said, admitting that he’s worried about what will happen after the election.

“There could be some sort of revenge against Muslims from far-right groups angered by radicalism and all the terror attacks France has faced. For me, the best way to fight this trend is for all of us to remain united,” Chalghoumi said.

As France started to vote Sunday morning, opinion polls showed Macron with a commanding lead.

But Jewish community leaders are refusing to take anything for granted.

“You can never be certain of an election’s result until the last ballot is taken into account,” said Francis Kalifat, the head of Crif – the umbrella organization for Jewish groups in France. “According to the polls, Le Pen is unlikely to win.

But if she does, it would be the end of Jewish life in Europe as we know it. Jews won’t be able to wear skullcaps or have ritual slaughterhouses,” he added. …”

This isn’t surprising. Are France and other European democracies being snookered by the Jew-Muslim alliance? Despite the terrorism in France by extremist Muslims? Jews aligned with Muslims who are anti-France, create no-go zones, murdered 12 mostly Jew journalists at Charlie Hebdo, and throw gays off of buildings.

Le Pen had a very sound platform. Le Pen was essentially challenged by a pervert who had no party. Who was he aligned with? Socialism? Le Pen was a nationalist who wanted to end all immigration. That meant no more Muslims or Jews or anybody.

Makes one wonder.

One thought on “Jews And Muslims United to Defeat Marine Le Pen Despite Terrorism

  • May 8, 2017 at 4:51 am

    Macron won the presidency by about 63 to 35 I think, Its to bad too…because from what I can find out about this guy he’s bad news for France because he seems to not consider the Muslim take over of Europe important at all. From what I have read in articles from and also some of the comments is that Europe will fall to the Muslim takeover that has taken place over the past decades. They want sharia law in every country that is part of the EU and at the rate they are going they will put it in place, if we don’t watch ourselves they will attempt to force it on the U.S. if they possibly can. The UK already has at least 80 sharia courts in operation. If you don’t know what sharia law is look it up.


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