Hillary Clinton Starts Speech With Massive Coughing Fit Again

Hillary Clinton had a massive coughing fit as she began a Labor Day campaign rally in Cleveland, Ohio. She had trouble speaking and thanking local elected officials and had to stop multiple times to cough and clear her throat.

Clinton’s voice did not return to normal for the rest of the speech.

“Every time I think about Trump I get allergic,” Clinton quipped.

“She had quite a coughing fit,” MSNBC anchor Ari Melber remarked. “That’s one of the worst coughing fits I have seen from her.”

Hillary Clinton had another coughing fit today while criticizing Trump’s policies and agenda on her new airplane. This followed a very long coughing attack she had at a campaign event earlier on Labor Day.

“He seems to have this bizarre attraction to dictators, including Putin. He won’t tell us where he owes $650 million. There’s a lot of rumors about that. And he has made it clear that he doesn’t particularly care if Putin and the intelligence services attack American institutions,” Clinton said as she trailed off into a coughing attack.

“Can I have some water,” Clinton asked an aide.

This went on for some 20 seconds before FOX News decided to cut coverage.

One thought on “Hillary Clinton Starts Speech With Massive Coughing Fit Again

  • September 7, 2016 at 5:39 am

    Well, talk about the pot calling the kettle black, a few months ago Hillary was complaining about Trump flying around in his own Jet so now she copies him and buys a Jet of her own, of course, she may not be the owner it may also be leased. I don’t know if she was riding around the country in a bus or flying around in a rented Jet but she was jealous of him for actually owning his own aircraft.


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