Giuliani: Comey Should Be Under Investigation

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani joined Laura Ingraham Wednesday night on The Ingraham Angle.

During their conversation Laura asked Rudy if he thought fired FBI Chief James Comey was given immunity.

Rudy said President Trump will not sit down with Mueller unless James Comey sits down with Mueller.

James Comey fired

Laura Ingraham: Do you have any information or sense… That Bob Mueller gave immunity to Jim Comey?

Rudy Giuliani: no I don’t. I have no idea if he was given immunity. I don’t know why he’s not being investigated. That troubles us because a lot of the president’s statements contradict Comey. They’re much more logical than Comey’s but they contradict his. I you want to just believe Comey then you’re (Trump) is walking into a trap. And Comey has not been investigated. So I don’t think we would sit him down for an interview unless Comey was investigated and treated in the same way.

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