Data: Gary Johnson Pulling More Votes Away from Hillary Than Trump

RedAlert is disclosing that Republicans usually despise the Libertarian Party and Constitution Party candidates because they pull votes away from the GOP — Democrats usually feel the same way about the Green Party. This year could change all of that because Gary Johnson is taking more would-be Hillary Clinton votes than possible Donald Trump supporters.

According to a George Washington University/Battleground poll released on Wednesday, a plurality of Johnson supporters would vote for Clinton if the Libertarian nominee were to drop out for some reason.

More than 34 percent of Johnson and Jill Stein supporters said they’d back Hillary over Trump if they had to choose between the two — 26 percent picked the Republican nominee, and 23 percent said neither.

An Economist/YouGov poll also released on Wednesday showed 11 percent of Democrats and independents who supported Bernie Sanders during the primary election were now backing Johnson.

If all of Sanders supporters vote in the general election, Johnson’s share would represent 1.45 million votes.

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Johnson’s surge among more left-of-center voters shouldn’t come as a surprise since his recent embrace of a carbon tax, liberal Supreme Court Justices, and his VP’s implied support for gun control.


One thought on “Data: Gary Johnson Pulling More Votes Away from Hillary Than Trump

  • September 8, 2016 at 10:46 pm

    The LP vice-presidential nominee William Weld is a leftist. The great late Senator Jesse Helms saw this back in 1997. Weld pontificated that he was going to defeat Helm’s block of his appointment as Ambassador to Mexico. Helm’s told Weld that he,”doesn’t yield to ideological extortion.” Helms won. Weld lost,


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