Donald Trump Says the ‘Safest Place on Earth’ is at a Trump Rally

Donald Trump spent several minutes addressing a handful of groups that interrupted his speech in Syracuse Saturday morning.

After calling on security to “get ’em outta here,” Trump said that his rallies are the “safest place on Earth” and that he would be a unifying president.

“Does anybody have more fun than at a Trump rally?” Trump said as protesters were escorted out. “And I’ll tell you something, the safest place on Earth is at a Trump rally. You know why we’re safe? Because the people in these rooms…the people love each other and they protect each other and that’s the way the country has to be for everybody.”

Early in the event, Trump was interrupted multiple times and had to stop to address protesters and the crowd.

“It never ends,” Trump said, chuckling as one woman was removed.

Security at the event was more strict than for previous candidates. Private security monitored the line outside Trump’s event looking for anti-Trump people. Inside, attendees had to go through metal detectors and bomb-sniffing dogs. A pre-recorded message asked supporters not to put their hands on any protesters, but rather to chant “Trump! Trump!” to alert security.

At least 10 people were removed from the event throughout the day.

One thought on “Donald Trump Says the ‘Safest Place on Earth’ is at a Trump Rally

  • April 17, 2016 at 6:04 am

    Its better that Mr. Trump has this type of security because from what I have seen the protesters are a bunch of crazies that are paid to get out there and scream and yell. Some of Fox News had at least one reporter talking to a few of the nutballs and asking one or two what they were mad about and none of them had any kind of answers at all that that would warrant the protest. Its the hourly pay that the so called protesters want and nothing more. From what I understand they have to be there at least for 4 hours to get paid.


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