Coulter: Biggest Threat to US Is ‘Millions of Savages’

President Donald Trump needs to refocus his commitment to shutting down the porous border with Mexico and protect Americans from the “millions of individual savages” who roam the globe, Ann Coulter wrote in a column for Townhall.

Throw out the tired “Peace Through Strength” Reagan slogan from the 80s; Afghanistan is a losing proposition; keep the nukes in working condition, Coulter writes.

But now, the only peace is through border security.

“If we must have troops constantly deployed somewhere, the only place they’d actually be useful is 10 feet into Mexico,” Coulter wrote.

We’re not in the Cold War anymore; the clear and present danger is the “savages” amongst us.

“The main threat to Americans’ safety today comes not from a country, but from millions of individual savages spread throughout the globe,” Coulter writes. “Americans are raped, addicted and murdered not by the Red Army, but by millions of illegal aliens waltzing across our wide-open border.”

Coulter implores Trump to quit listening to his staff and Republicans in general; listen instead to the crowd of 30,000-plus in Phoenix earlier this week.

“Trump, and only Trump, promised to put our country first and protect our interests when it came to immigration and foreign wars. But since becoming president, instead of draining the swamp, the swamp seems to have drained Trump. His agenda has been drowned out by the agenda of Washington’s Uni-Party,” Coulter writes.

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