Congress Votes to Audit Mueller’s Multi-Million Dollar Russia Witch Hunt

Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-NC) introduced an amendment Friday to audit Mueller’s out-of-control multi-million dollar witch hunt.
The House voted 207-201 to attach the language to a veterans, military construction, and energy and water spending bill that was headed to pass Friday, reported the Examiner.

The Office of Special Counsel released a statement of expenditures last Thursday revealing over $4.5 million has been flushed down the toilet in just a 6 month period hunting Russian ghosts.
This $4.5 million is in addition to the $6.7 million the Special Counsel cost the first five months. Add to that other Department of Justice costs ‘related to Russia’ which brings the figure even higher to what Politico estimates to be $17 million total spent on the Russia probe.

Taxpayers are being punished and forced to pay liberal hack lawyers millions of dollars for the crime of electing Donald Trump to be their Commander-in-Chief.

Not to mention the lives devastated and destroyed by Mueller.

The Office of Special Counsel refuses to publicly release a budget because Mueller thinks he’s a King.

Mueller roves around raiding people connected to Trump with zero accountability; Rosenstein is Mueller’s only ‘oversight’ which is utterly pathetic given the Deputy AG’s many conflicts of interest.

Chairman Meadows has been hammering Rosenstein to get pertinent documents such as his memo on Mueller’s scope.

Meadows’ move to audit Mueller will help put pressure on the Special Counsel to turn over the memo.

Meadows tweeted: I’ve introduced an amendment to require a semi-annual financial audit of special counsels by the GAO. A special counsel’s work is important, but they should not be able to spend taxpayer dollars without accountability. Americans need to know where their money is going.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

One thought on “Congress Votes to Audit Mueller’s Multi-Million Dollar Russia Witch Hunt

  • June 11, 2018 at 1:43 am

    This may slow Mueller down but unless this witch hunt is stopped he may go on to collect more an more taxpayer dollars for himself an his gang of lefti lawyers.


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