CONFIRMED: Early Voting Data Shows Trump Lead

We all knew the corrupt media polls were lies. Now thanks to Wikileaks we know our assumptions were correct.

The media was working with Hillary Clinton to release bogus weighted polls that show Hillary ahead of Trump. And then step two was to declare the election over. (Sound familiar?)

First, Republicans are turning in their mail-in ballots in higher numbers than the Democrats in Florida. Yes, that site claims that more Democrats received their mail-in ballots, but it shows that more republicans actually give enough of a shit to vote i.e. Trump is inspiring more people to vote than Hillary (this means that more Pro-Trump independents will vote than Pro-Hillary independents).


Of course, people would say that McCain and Romney held a higher lead with mail-in ballots in Florida than Trump (assuming that most republicans will vote for the republican candidate — which they most likely will). That is true, but it is highly misleading. If holding a lead in mail-in ballots actually mattered, then both McCain and Romney should have won Florida, yet they did not. Trump’s campaign is generating much more excitement than Hillary’s campaign, so Trump’s supporters are more likely to turnout in-person to vote, as opposed to just mailing in a ballot. That is how Obama won Florida in 2008 despite losing the mail-in ballot count — and it will be how Trump will win Florida in 2016. In fact, the very fact that the Democrats aren’t ahead in mail-in ballots should be highly concerning for the Hillary campaign, since it is unlikely that many of her supporters would actually turn out in-person to vote for her.

Same logic applies in North Carolina. I don’t have the exact number, but I believe that the republicans are requesting mail-in ballots slightly more than Democrats. The fact that the republican lead with mail-in ballot requests in 2016 is less than their lead in 2008 and 2012 is irrelevant. If the Democrats wish to stand any chance in NC, then they should be the ones ahead with ballot requests.

tl;dr Hillary’s supporters are more likely to vote via mail-in ballot than Trump’s supporters. The fact that the republicans are leading in mail-in ballot requests (no matter how small that lead may be) is a very good sign for Trump.

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