CNN ‘No Longer’ a News Organization — ‘It Is a Campaign With a Political Mission’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson criticized CNN, his former employer, for how it has covered President Donald Trump.

Carlson’s commentary was a reaction to CNN’s retraction of a report claiming Trump ally Anthony Scaramucci was connected to investigations into the Russian Direct Investment Fund. Earlier on Monday, the retraction had resulted in the resignations of three CNN journalists.

Carlson also pointed to that and another story involving former FBI Director James Comey on which CNN was forced to backtrack and noted it was a theme of the network’s biased coverage of the president.

“Overall, 93 percent of CNN’s coverage of the Trump administration has been negative,” Carlson said. “Ninety-three percent. Idi Amin would get more balanced coverage. Anybody would. Fidel Castro certainly has. CNN, in other words, is no longer just a news organization. It is a campaign with a political mission run, not surprisingly by a man named Jeff Zucker, who once expressed interest in running for office himself. Like any campaign, it is great at some things — pushing a message, hurting opponents and not so good at others like reporting the news. This is a change. How did it happen?”

One thought on “CNN ‘No Longer’ a News Organization — ‘It Is a Campaign With a Political Mission’

  • June 28, 2017 at 12:54 am

    I haven’t watched CNN for years because I didn’t like the news that they were trying to peddle. It was going down hill then so I just dumped the show. When they fired Lou Dobb”s over his accurate reporting of what was going on at our border with Mexico that did it for me. They did that because of the pressure that the illegal alien organizations like La Raza was putting on them because Mr.Dobbs was correctly reporting on the problem of illegal aliens in the US. It looks like they have really turned themselves into a sleaze ball news organization this time around.


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