Civil Rights Activist Charles Evers Endorses Trump

  • Charles Evers publicly endorsed Trump because ‘jobs are badly needed in Mississippi
  • He also supports Trump’s views on illegal immigrants and said he trusted his Christian faith
  • Civil rights activist was the first black mayor to be elected in Mississippi
  • Comments come after 30 black students were ejected at a Trump rally Monday

The Daily Mail reports that a prominent civil rights activist has publicly endorsed Donald Trump, praising the presidential candidate for what he believes to be his business acumen.

Charles Evers, 93, said he believed in the Republican frontrunner ‘first of all because he’s a businessman’ and that ‘jobs are badly needed in Mississippi’, reported Clarion Ledger.

Evans is the brother of slain civil rights reader Medgar Evans and was the first black mayor to be elected in Mississippi back in 1969.

His comments come despite an incident Monday night where 30 black students were removed from a Donald Trump rally in Georgia shortly before the candidate appeared on stage.

The group had been waiting to see Trump at Valdosta State University when law enforcement officials or university security – it’s unclear which – told them they needed to leave the venue and then escorted them out, despite the fact that they are all students at the college.

When asked about the incident, Evers replied: ‘I haven’t seen any proof of him being a racist.’

The civil rights activist said the fact that Trump had not taken similar actions to Governor Phil Bryant – who declared April Confederate Heritage Month, was further proof of Trump’s lack of discrimination.

Evers also told Clarion Ledger that he respects Trump’s views on immigration and said that he doesn’t feel ‘the U.S. should be obligated to provide support for undocumented immigrants’.

Another winning factor of Trump’s campaign was his Christian faith, added Evers.

He also said that he plans to attend Trump’s rally in Madison Monday and hopes to speak to the presidential candidate about bringing a catfish processing plant to Mississippi.

Evers explained: ‘Our catfish is shipped to China and brought back for us to buy. Put a catfish farm here.’

And now, Evers has been officially recognized as a member of Trump’s Mississippi campaign team along with Madison Mayor Mary Hawkins Butler, according to news release from Mitch Tyner of the Mississippi Donald Trump Committee, sent out Friday.

Charles Evers became State Voter Registration Chairman of the The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in 1954 and after his brother Medgar’s assassination in 1954 he took over as field director of the NAACP in Mississippi.

As director he organized and led many demonstrations for the rights of African Americans.

Evers made history in 1969 after becoming the first black mayor of a Mississippi town or city since reconstruction, after his election as the mayor of Fayette.

Originally an Independent, Evers switched to the Republican party in 1980 and publicly endorsed Ronald Reagan for President.

2 thoughts on “Civil Rights Activist Charles Evers Endorses Trump

  • March 6, 2016 at 8:02 pm

    When any person gets the backing of someone like Mr. Evers the black community listens. Mississippi needs jobs this is one of the poorer states that needs jobs brought back from China along with raising the minimum wage which is the lowest in the country. Mr. Evers can see that the U.S. is falling behind the rest of the world our debt is getting bigger and bigger every day. You can thank both the House and the Senate for the lack of jobs, the poor recovery the poor management of the country as a whole. There is a reason Senator Sessions is backing Mr.Trump. The unemployment rate in the U.S. is not less than 5% its closer to 10 or 15%.

  • March 8, 2016 at 6:34 am

    Puzzling, Governor Phil Bryant has endorsed Ted Cruz in the GOP primary. We will see who the working woman and man of Mississippi chooses on Tuesday.

    Michigan, Mississippi, Idaho and Hawaii are set to vote tomorrow. Trump’s message seems to be well received in these 4 states. If Trump performs well I am sure the attacks will increase.


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