Carson: ‘Unwise’ of Clinton to ‘Bring Up KKK’ Because of Democrat’s KKK History

“Their default position when they become more desperate is to play the race card,” Dr. Ben Carson said of President Obama and Hillary Clinton on Fox & Friends.

Carson was reacting to the two dignitaries’ remarks at rallies Saturday in which they brought up the Ku Klux Klan’s apparent support for the Republican presidential candidate.

In North Carolina, Clinton said Trump was endorsed by the hate group’s magazine.

Earlier this year, David Duke, a former Klan leader and candidate for U.S. Senate in Louisiana, endorsed Trump, who later disavowed his support.

Also, on Fox & Friends today, Trump surrogate Brunell Donald-Kyei brought up Clinton’s past friendship with the late Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.), who was at one time a recruiter for the KKK.

But, Byrd repeatedly denounced his activity later in life.

“They’re very disturbed by the fact that Donald Trump isn’t taking the bait and running down the rabbit hole [on references to the Klan],” Carson said.

“It’s not very wise to bring up the KKK– it opens the door to begin to talk about who started the KKK–that was the Democrats. Who was the party of slavery? Who was the party of Jim Crow [laws]…and segregation?” Carson asked.

He said that “a lot” of African-American voters are reconsidering their support of Clinton:

“It’s not that [they] have not recognized that the Democrats have sold them a bill of goods–it’s just that they didn’t feel that they had anyplace else to go.”

One thought on “Carson: ‘Unwise’ of Clinton to ‘Bring Up KKK’ Because of Democrat’s KKK History

  • November 7, 2016 at 4:04 am

    All the Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia will be asking Hillary to give them whatever they bought with their donations. What is she going to do if she is not sitting in the White House to give them what was promised, I would not want to be in her shoes when she loses this election….which I believe she will. These polls have completely ignored millions of voters and new voters out there that make up a large portion of the blue collar workers that have lost their jobs because of out sourcing.
    I saw today in the Sunday paper that Shift in Cuban American voters could give Florida to Trump. This is what I saw on You Tube yesterday of cars heading to the polls in Florida to vote for Trump…they had signs supporting Trump and numerous Cubans were there to vote. I think he’s got Florida! Surprised to even see this in the far left wing paper, the Seattle Times. This is the state that 20 years ago gave drivers licenses to illegal aliens and they have been voting. Of course this is a democrat run state what could you expect.


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