‘Bernie is a sellout’: Sanders Supporters Blast Him for Endorsing Hillary Clinton

Sanders supporters have launched a backlash against the former Democratic presidential candidate after he officially endorsed his opponent, Hillary Clinton, for president.

The Vermont senator appeared with Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, at a campaign event in New Hampshire and endorsed her while she stood by his side.

“Hillary Clinton will make a great president and I am proud to stand with her today,” Sanders said.

A tirade of disappointed and angry comments poured in online as Sanders made his speech, with many feeling cheated and used by the self-described “democratic socialist.”

Bernie Sanders fans are dumping the Vermont senator in mass after he endorsed Wall St.-backed Hillary Clinton on Tuesday.

“So disappointed. Bernie sold out millions and many of us fell for it,” one former fan tweeted. “Never again.”

As we’ve previously reported, a huge percentage of Bernie Sanders supporters would vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the general election.

Why would Bernie voters support Clinton, the establishment candidate who stole the election from Sanders with the help of big banks?

Simply put, there’s more to like about Trump than Clinton, many Bernie voters are finding out.

While noble – and populist – the Bernie movement was doomed from the start: it’s impossible to expand the state to fix inequality when the state, which produces nothing, is the creator of inequality.

“We have monopolistic state money, a central planner in monetary affairs (central banks), and banks that receive special privileges from the state,” economist Philipp Bagus of the Mises Institute pointed out. “…It is the state itself that causes increasing inequality, which it pretends to fight.”

One thought on “‘Bernie is a sellout’: Sanders Supporters Blast Him for Endorsing Hillary Clinton

  • July 13, 2016 at 5:09 am

    It surprises me it took so long to really understand what Sanders represents he is just as crooked as Clinton in his own way. I doubt anyone could find much if anything he ever did for the people in the state he represents. Trump might be the one that helps to create jobs that the Sanders followers might need in the future. Clean up the crooked trade deals that only created more money for the banks with the promise of job training for the thousands of U.S. citizens that lost their jobs that never would have happened anyway. At least now they see the light because the free college that Clinton is peddling would only happen by raising taxes on everybody including Sanders followers where else would the government get the money??? Clinton sure isn’t going to donate one dime of her and Billy’s millions.


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