AG Jeff Sessions Must be Fired or He Must Resign – It’s the Only Way to Save the Republic

The Gateway Pundit writes:

For months it’s been clear that AG Sessions is a total failure. He recused himself and then hired crook Rod Rosenstein as Asst AG who then created the crooked Mueller investigation. If this republic is to continue, Sessions must go!

The US cannot have multiple layers of laws. It’s impossible to have some individuals who do not have to abide by the same laws as the rest of the population. We also cannot stand for the corrupt FBI, DOJ and State Departments (amongst others) that are able to spy, lie and assault Americans for faulty crimes. Obama’s Administration was corrupt and dishonest at all levels and so it’s no surprise that the entire federal government is corrupt. These people must be swept out. It’s starts with AG Sessions!

AG Sessions praised Asst AG Rosenstein the same day Rosenstein was identified in the FISA memo as one of the individuals who signed off on the slanderous FISA memo to spy on President Trump. Mueller’s investigation is full of former Clinton and Obama corrupt cronies. The FBI and DOJ continue to delay and prevent Congress from seeing information requested for month. Much of the information is unnecessarily redacted from the individuals (Congress) who has the mandate to oversee these same institutions.

Many Congressman are calling for Jeff Sessions to resign or be replaced and have for months –

One video on the Internet explains Sessions’ immense failures. (The only point not relevant is related to the suggestion of moving DOJ official Rachel Brand up to oversee the Mueller investigation. This is not possible now as she resigned from the DOJ on Friday.)

We’ve been calling for this for months. Jeff Sessions is deep state. He must go!

One thought on “AG Jeff Sessions Must be Fired or He Must Resign – It’s the Only Way to Save the Republic

  • February 12, 2018 at 8:39 pm

    If Sessions has to go then it needs to be done. When he was appointed I thought the voters had a winner that would get in there do all he could do to help Pres. Trump to clear out the crooks that had worked for Obama that looks like Sessions simply backed off of doing anything to help so the man needs to resign so his job can be given to someone that is interested in getting the job done.


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