ABC News Twitter Account Hacked by Pro-Trumpers

In a report from HeatStreet “An anonymous group of hackers broke into the ABC News and Good Morning America Twitter profiles and tweeted out pro-Trump slogans and obscenities.

ABC News Twitter Account Hacked

The tweets were being deleted shortly after the hackers published them, but ABC was not able to gain full control of the accounts for about an hour.

ABC Twitter Account Hacked

ABC retweeted two other Twitter accounts who appeared to take responsibility for the hack, @The6Clerk and @PlzNoHack. They were both suspended from Twitter this morning.

ABC News Twitter Account Hacked

Before @PlzNoHack was suspended, I asked him why he hacked ABC and he said he did it for Trump.

The hackers claimed they were part of the Lizard Squad on Twitter, a group known for conducting DDoS attacks on various gaming servers. There is no confirmation the two were actually part of Lizard Squad as they also claimed to be Russian hackers.

This hack brings to light a particularly sensitive issue for the ABC Disney Television Network as they have been dogged by criticism of liberal bias. GMA’s host George Stephanopoulos got caught giving a huge donation to the Clinton foundation and Donald Trump has personally chastised This Week host Martha Raddatz for allegedly crying on election night.

Shortly after the attack, Trump himself even bashed ABC on Twitter.

Perhaps @The6Clerk and @PlzNoHack did make Trump proud after all.

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