VIDEO: Latinos Support Trump for President

“My name is Angelo Gomez and I have something very clear to say to the liberal media and Hillary Clinton: yes, I’m an American Latino who supports Donald Trump.

“Yes, I come from a family rooted in immigrants and I support Donald J. Trump to be the next president of the United States.

“I support Donald Trump with every ounce of my being,” Gomez says, “for the very reasons that this country, that the Constitution, that this flag behind me was founded upon and that’s putting the American people first. That’s putting this country first.”

He adds, “Hillary Clinton is the face of an incompetent politician who has lied to, who has cheated, and who has gotten Americans killed.

“If we get this wrong, our country will no longer be here for the future generations,” Gomez says.

The video shows dozens of Latinos at rallies and around the country supporting Trump.

“My name is Barbie, I’m Latina, I’m independent and I’m voting for Donald Trump,” one woman says.

“I am Hispanic, Mexican-American, also an Army veteran, and I will vote for Donald Trump,” a man says in the video.

Another Latino woman says her family is from Cuba and “we all support Donald Trump because he understands that the most patriotic Americans are immigrants who came here not for what they could get here, but who they could be here.”

One man showed his decked out pickup truck with Trump flags and a giant “Crooked Hillary” sign on the tail gate. Another sign reads, “I came to the US legally! Looking for the American Dream, not the Mexican nightmare! Make Mexico pay for the wall!”

The participants are part of Latinos for Trump and are organizing on Twitter with the #LatinosforTrump hashtag.

One thought on “VIDEO: Latinos Support Trump for President

  • June 3, 2016 at 8:02 pm

    These are the kind of people that is needed because their jobs are on the line many facing layoffs because companies moving offshore just like the rest of us they are no different. They lose jobs to the illegal aliens so do the blacks. They are also not followers of LaRaza which is made up mostly of illegals that claim the U.S. stole half of the U.S. from Mexico when the Mexican government was paid for the land fair and square. Mexico at the time didn’t want it it was just empty land, it didn’t have big cities or anything else. All of this can be easily found on google.
    How is anyone supposed to get a decent paying job with over a million legal immigrants each and every year coming here along with thousands of illegals coming across our southern border all because of Obama’s crazy notion to turn the U.S. into a copy of the EU. These politicians intend to turn this country into a Banana Republic because not a one of them tried to stop Obama when he was stopping Border Patrol from processing every illegal that tried to sneak across the border to send them back where they came from.
    Sanders wants a communist government how he thinks he will pay for something like that is beyond my understanding. That man is telling his followers that everything will be free and they believe it. Hillary seems to be ignoring Sanders and going after Mr.Trump because she considers Sanders has already lost.


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