Kasich Anti-Trump Super PAC Rolls Out Anti-Trump Ads

New Day For America, the Super PAC aligned with Ohio Gov. John Kasich, unveiled a new ad Monday targeting GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

The 47-second ad is a highlight reel of some of the businessman’s most controversial statements from the campaign – such as asking if Iowa voters are stupid and whether Arizona Sen. John McCain is actually a war hero. But the commercial also goes beyond the campaign, including footage from interviews where Trump referred to African-Americans as “the blacks” and joked that he would date his oldest daughter, Ivanka, if she weren’t his daughter.

The ad is currently playing in New Hampshire, but the Super PAC is also making an effort to get it out digitally in Ohio. New Day has said it will spend $2.5 million to target Trump on behalf of an increasingly jittery Republican establishment worried that the businessman will win the Republican nomination. In response, Trump implied that a third party run is possible, in spite of the fact he signed a Republican party pledge not to.

Here is another shameless ad by fellow republican John Kasich:

USAF Col. Tom Moe (ret.) paraphrases German Pastor Martin Niemoller’s famous quote in describing the dangers of Donald Trump’s goal of dividing Americans.

Most Americans have aligned behind Trump because no other candidate is talking about issues that concern Americans! Especially immigration!

Donald Trump’s greatest speech ever on being great, immigration walls, laws, having to leave, going and then hopefully coming back again as demonstrated by Eisenhower. John Kasich is spitting mad and makes it clear who’s got his back…

We are a nation of laws. We have an immigration process that has worked. Why can’t we still use it?

3 thoughts on “Kasich Anti-Trump Super PAC Rolls Out Anti-Trump Ads

  • November 29, 2015 at 6:48 am

    I wonder who the donors are that paid for this tear jerker ad these crooks are trying to push on the public? This is the same thing that was done when Obama was trying to get in the White House. Any person that was running against him had dirt dug up on them going back 20 years or more. If they couldn’t claim Trump was a wife rapist which his former wife denied now they are trying to push him having a sexual interest in his daughter, good grief these people are a bunch of sick A-Holes that need to be sued for slander. Nobody in their right mind would vote for Kasich he’s another one that would leave the borders wide open even with terrorist sneaking in he would never even know it.

  • December 1, 2015 at 3:14 am

    Is there a difference between a cuckold and John Kasich? This cuck is not satisfied with himself being a cuck. He wants all White Americans to be cucked.

  • December 14, 2015 at 5:36 am

    John Kasich favors illegal alien amnesty. Like half of the Republican candidates, he should be running as a Democrat.


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